Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2006

Denver, Colorado, USA

Audio Consulting was attending the RMAF 2006 show together with Reference Audio Mods and Kryophysics in Denver from 20.10.06 to 22.10.06



During this show, demos showing the efficiency of mains filtering (Audio Consulting's isolation transformers) and equipment on batteries were held and showed the influence of the mains on audio equipment.
Digital front ends were modified by Reference Audio Mods using Audio Consulting parts and others.
Cryo treatements  by Kryophysics on parts and components made clear how much stress can be removed from any type of material using  very low temperature treatments



RAM version (beautiful wooden cabinet by RAM) of the MIPA (Mains Independant Power Amplifier)  run on external 100 Ah batteries
The 30 watt /channel MIPA (Mains Independant power Amplifier) amplifier is a battery powered solid state design.
It uses input and output transformers, very high speed capacitors in the power supply and the highest quality connectors from WBT and Eichmann Technologies.

The line preamplifier:

It is a low impedance Silver Rock TVC kit using a Solid State driver stage powered by batteries.
The very nice wooden cabinet for the TVC and its batteries
are by RAM 

Digital front ends:

The Marantz SACD 8001 was listened to stock and then RAM modified, showing  important changes in musicality,  resolution and life like character

Three very cost efficient OPPO 970 HD Universal Players were demoed as follows:

  1. Stock

  2. Cryoed

  3. Cryoed and RAM modified

Simply shocking!!


RAM modifications of Digital front ends included the use of Audio Consulting's PM mains isolation transfromers


Speakers were Von Schweikert's VR-4 MKII. Some crossover parts  were replaced by Audio Consulting ones.



Wooden lenses from Arbelos Elektroakustik were installed under the CD players, preamplifiers and amplifiers


The Team

From left to right: Doug Jesse (RAM East), Kyle Takenaga (RAM West), Tim Brown (RAM West)

From left to right: Doug Jesse (RAM East), Kyle Takenaga (RAM West), Serge Schmidlin (Audio Consulting)

From left to right: Craig Goff (Kryophysics), Kyle Takenaga (RAM West)

Craig Goff (Kryophysics) drinking liquid nitrogen and showing that "kryo" treatments may apply to human beings... this normal?